Addiction excuse or disease

Addiction is NOT a Brain Disease, It is a Choice

Can drug addiction be cured or prevented. These changes in the brain can remain for a long time, even after the person stops using substances.

Addiction as a Disease

If left untreated over time, addiction becomes more severe, disabling and life threatening. With lucid examples, he shows convincingly that overall benefit across a series of choices can be maximized by not choosing the immediately local, in his terms better option.

National Institute on Drug Abuse: A second class of arguments finds its basis in studies of neural changes associated with drug abuse. And if it is not true, is there a better and more helpful way to define addiction.

Signs of Addiction You may have one or more of these warning signs: Call us today for more information. No one factor can predict if a person will become addicted to drugs.

However, addiction is treatable and can be successfully managed. Addiction is a brain disease, and it matters. So taking drugs at an early age may make you more likely to get addicted when you get older. A disease is what happens in the body as a result of those choices. Once people understand the underlying pathology of addiction, people with the disease will not have to go through obstacles to obtain evidence-based treatments such as buprenorphine or methadone for opioid addiction but will simply, nonjudgmentally, receive the help they need, like a child with diabetes or a person with heart disease or cancer.

Why Addiction Is Considered a Disease

They were thought to be lacking in ordinary discipline and moralityas self-centered and uncaring. In the bad old days, before the disease concept became widely popular about 40 years agoour society was even more prejudiced against people with addictions than it is now.

Assessing the effects of school-based education: People with a mild substance use disorder may recover with little or no treatment.

Sex Addiction: A Disease or a Convenient Excuse?

It damages various body systems as well as families, relationships, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. When these changes occur, a person may need the substance to feel normal.

It cannot be explained by any disease process. You steal, lie, or do dangerous things like driving while high or have unsafe sex. People with the most serious form of addiction usually need intensive treatment followed by lifelong management of the disease. Whether the belief is that it is a brain disease or a choice, the addict must take steps to control and stop the addiction.

If addiction is a disease, it can be compared to other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. Then came the idea that addiction is a disease: a medical illness like tuberculosis, diabetes or Alzheimer's disease.

Is Drug Addiction a Disease or Choice?

That meant that people with addictions weren't bad, they were sick. Addiction as a Disease. Addiction is a complex disease of the brain and body that involves compulsive use of one or more substances despite serious health and social consequences.

Addiction disrupts regions of the brain that are responsible for reward, motivation, learning, judgment and memory. Feb 28,  · When it comes to addiction, the line between morality and disease has always been blurry.

But only in the past 25 years have we come to regard excesses in necessary cravings — hunger for food, lust for sex — as possible disease states. But ignoring addiction and making excuses do nothing to help the person struggling with addiction to regain control of his life.

The Genetics of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Instead, they can make the person’s life extremely difficult, and can put both the person and those around him in danger. If addiction really is to be considered a disease, Szalavitz writes, then it has to be thought of as “a disease of the whole person,” because the very nature of addiction is based on actions and desires, emotions and relationships.

Addiction excuse or disease
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